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Tom Grace

Tom Grace

Tom Grace, a native of Boston, previously earned a degree in physiology and gained practical experience in information technology before turning his sights to typography. He then studied formally at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Reading.

For more than a decade Tom works as an independent lettering designer and font developer whose skill and experience span both the aesthetic and technical aspects of digital lettering and typography. He creates custom lettering and typefaces, retail fonts, and adapts existing designs for specialized roles (eg. reading on-screen). His versatility and emphasis on collaboration lets him work closely with many of the world's most prominent typeface design studios, and their work has received awards for excellence. He has lectured on typeface design and participated in type design workshops.

Akira Kobayashi, Jackson Burke and Tom Grace
Linotype 1948
17 styles from $49
Akira Kobayashi, Tom Grace and Sandra Winter
Monotype 2014
14 styles from $49
Steve Matteson, Tom Grace, Volkswagen and Monotype.Design Studio
Monotype 1979
24 styles from $49
Tom Grace
Linotype 2010
4 styles from $29
Tom Grace
TypeTogether 2009
3 styles from $65
Tom Grace
TypeTogether 2008
1 style from $65
Tom Grace
TypeTogether 2012
14 styles from $45